To make the world better through our work, and with the things we do day-to-day.


We really, really mean it when we say that ARWEC puts people first. Whether you’re part of our team, our client, or our supplier, you’ll always be given the same respect and individual care.

We’ll only ever make the world better if we work with people, not against them. So, here’s how we plan to achieve our vision – through our three core pledges.


  1. People

  2. Planet
  3. Progress



People are at the heart of everything we do and we proudly ensure a safe, happy and encouraging environment for everyone.


ARWEC is proudly diverse – in age, ethnicity, and gender. We apply this ethos when casting talent, to represent people of all kinds.

We have worked hard to create a fully accessible space, ensuring our environment can be used by everyone, with safety, acceptance, and comfort for all.


We promise to operate with compassion at our core. No matter what, you are safe with us. That’s our pledge and it will never, ever change.




  • Proudly diverse

  • Representative talent casting

  • Open door policy

  • Enhanced parental leave

  • Free sanitary products, for staff & guests

  • Compassion and humanity

  • Flexible working, wherever possible


Sustainability is at the forefront of our minds. We're taking big steps towards being as ecologically sound as possible.

Our energy comes from a renewable supplier. We’ve got a lot of kit – so being able to run off clean, green power is a big win.


Also, our studios are stocked with sustainable products, from Naked Sprout, Smol and Ohne. When on location, we reduce our carbon footprint for travel and limit teams.


We understand that we aren't perfect, but we are commited to constantly reviewing and improving our processes to ensure we are doing the best we can. 




  • Powered by a renewable energy supplier

  • Sustainable products in our kitchens, bathrooms & glam rooms

  • Advocates for public transport, vehicle sharing & small off-site teams

  • Recycling facilities

  • Sustainable, local coffee – in plastic-free packaging

  • Supporting local suppliers, trades and caterers


Let's be clear - we strive to be different, to do better and to be responsible for the space we occupy in the industry.


Below you'll find some of our goals for the year, surrounding both our social and environmental impact.




  • Offer mental health support to all staff

  • Initiate a menstrual leave policy

  • Review our parental leave policies

  • Health & lifestyle benefits to all staff

  • Support local charities

  • Partner with local universities to provide internships and grad programmes

  • Collaborate with local creatives



  • Work towards 'B Corp' status, and participate in '1% for the Planet'

  • Offer incentives for public transport use & car sharing to all staff

  • Further our recyling initiatives & continue to explore all sustainable alternatives


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